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Name of Collection Agency
Mailing Address
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Re: Notice to Stop Third-Party Contacts: Case # _________

[If the collection agency has sent written notice, your case number is likely in the letter. If you have not received a written notice from the collection agency, tailor this line accordingly. For example, show the date you were contacted by the collection agency.]

To [person whose name appears on agency’s notice to you]:

On [date] I was contacted by [name of person who called you] of your agency, who informed me that [name of collection agency] is attempting to collect [amount of claimed debt].


On [date] I received a written notice of the claimed debt, a copy of which is attached.

[Summarize any contacts the collection agency has had with your employer, family, friends, neighbors, or any other third party.]




This is to inform you that my employer does not permit me to be contacted at my place of employment and any attempt to contact me there could cause me harm or disadvantage. Any disregard of this instruction not to contact me, my friends, relatives or anyone at my employment will result in my seeking legal advice on the full extent of my remedies under state, federal, and common law.

Furthermore, your having contacted me at my address or on my phone number confirms that you have full knowledge of both pieces of information, rendering any contacts with any third parties a violation of my rights as an individual and a consumer under state and federal law.

Please advise me immediately of any contacts to third parties already made by your agency or by your client so that I can attempt to control or undo any damage that may result and take every possible step to make sure that no further attempts at such contacts are made. Please conduct all future correspondence to me directly and in writing.

[Make sure you save all envelopes for their postmark and note on the back of each envelope or in your journal the date each letter is received. This is important because some debt collectors will attempt to back-date correspondence to you, and your postmark/note will be the only way to prove the falsity of any such tricks in dating.]

I look forward to your acknowledgement that you have received this notice by [date that is two weeks from date of letter].



Your Name