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Re: Request for Privacy Policy to be [Posted/Modified] to Comply with California's Online Privacy Protection Act

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On July 1, 2004, a California law called the Online Privacy Protection Act (Calif. Business and Professions Code sections 22575-22579) came into effect. The law can be read in it's entirety at:

The Act requires if a web site collects information such as a person's first and last name, mailing address, email address, phone number, or Social Security number and is considered a commercial entity, the site most post a link to its privacy policy on its home page that includes the following:

The categories of personal information collected.
The categories of third parties with whom personal information maybe shared.
If offered or available, the ability for consumers to review the personal information the site has collected and the ability to remove it, if allowed.
The process by which the web site owner will notify consumers when the privacy policy is changed.
The effective date of the policy.

[If a web site's privacy policy does not meet the criterion, explain why.]

As outlined in the law, this letter serves as notice to [post/modify] your policy within 30 days after being notified of noncompliance.

I look forward to your acknowledgement that you have received this notice and have taken the proper steps to comply with California's law by [date that is thirty days from date of letter].

If I do not receive a reply from you by the stated date, I will follow up by notifying the California Attorney General's office and the Federal Trade Commission of the situation. In addition, not complying with the act may be grounds for a suit under California Business and Professions Code 17200 for unfair and deceptive business practices.



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