Online Services

  • A Complaint Center for consumers to report privacy violations and poor privacy practices.
  • A Question Center where consumers can request information on ways to protect their privacy and get assistance answering privacy questions.
  • An extensive collection of consumer guides on privacy issues, including many California-specific privacy protection laws.
  • An original blog, featuring insights from PRC staff on preeminent issues and trends in privacy.
  • Other consumer privacy education resources, including Quick Tips, Infographics, and a series of short Videos.

Other Services

  • Providing background information and comments on privacy-related stories for journalists and other media outlets.
  • Talks and presentations by PRC staff at conferences, employee training sessions, and civic and community group meetings.
  • Referrals for journalists and policymakers who are looking to speak to consumers on privacy-related topics or for legislative and regulatory agency hearings.
  • Providing information to consumer advocates and policymakers regarding the consumer questions and complaints PRC receives.