Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing access to information, policy discussions and meaningful rights so that data privacy can be a reality for everyone.


Founded in 1992 to help people understand their rights and choices, we are one of the first and only organizations to focus exclusively on data privacy rights and issues.


    Our Motivation

    Our Reality

    We believe data privacy is a fundamental human right and everyone deserves the opportunity to be informed and be heard.


    Yet, comprehensive data privacy protections don’t exist in the United States, and existing rights and choices are often inaccessible—leaving people without the power to exercise meaningful choice or protect their data. We work to change this.


    Our Work

    Our Work

    We increase access to understandable information about existing rights and choices by

    • publishing clear overviews of complex data privacy laws
    • creating resources that provide context for rights and choices that lie at the intersection of data privacy and key topics that affect us all—health, employment, education, finance and housing

    We increase access to policy discussions and meaningful rights by

    • encouraging broad participation across traditionally siloed issue areas
    • expanding advocates’ public policy capacity in California via facilitated events and information sharing
    • engaging in expert policy analysis and strategic advocacy

    We increase access to issue-relevant data by

    • building high-quality databases and tools to inform public interest research, journalism and advocacy
    • publishing reports highlighting trends


    Our Awards

    Our Awards

    Over the years, our organization and staff have been recognized for our work.

    • Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award
    • Brandeis Award (Privacy International)
    • Albin Gruhn Consumer Warrior Award (Consumer Federation of California)
    • Esther Peterson Consumer Service Award (Consumer Federation of America)
    • U.S. Privacy Champion Award (Electronic Privacy Information Center)
    • Foundation for Improvement of Justice Award for Work with Identity Theft Victims
    • Consumer Action Award for Service to Consumers


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    For general information, please send us a message.

    For media inquiries, please email: press@privacyrights.org or call (619) 298-3396.