Spanning nearly three decades, our rich history in privacy education and advocacy is a source of pride and inspiration that continues to drive our work. At the same time, we recognize the need to evolve as an organization to meet and address the changes within the issue of privacy and our society.

Between now and 2025, we will be

  • refining our programs and services to better serve and support those who need our resources most
  • strengthening and equipping our board of directors and staff to lead the organization
  • developing a sustainable business model to support our work into the future


Our Priorities


Refining Our Programs and Services

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to be informed and be heard, our top priority is increasing accessibility to

  • information for people regarding their privacy rights
  • high-quality data for researchers seeking to improve lives
  • the discussion around the issue of privacy

We will accomplish this by

  • engaging in outreach to assess privacy-related concerns and needs of historically marginalized communities
  • forming partnerships with groups representing and serving these communities
  • creating and distributing educational content to help meet these identified needs
  • focusing our advocacy efforts on ensuring privacy rights are accessible through meaningful choice and robust enforcement
  • creating high-quality privacy and security research data
  • ensuring access to this data for those working to improve lives
  • elevating voices traditionally absent from the privacy discussion to foster a more inclusive dialogue


Strengthening Our Board of Directors and Staff

Although talented, our current team is a small one whose primary expertise lies in privacy law and policy. To maximize our impact, we must

  • diversify our team’s cumulative experience and perspective
  • increase our outreach capabilities
  • expand our ability to garner resources

To accomplish this, we will be

  • expanding our board of directors with a focus on diversity of lived experience and perspective
  • evaluating and developing our staff with an eye toward future growth
  • seeking and fostering new community partnerships 
  • establishing a commitment to resource development at all levels of the organization


Developing a Sustainable Business Model

Our status as a pioneer in privacy has afforded us numerous cy pres awards to fund our organization over the years, but we have reached a crossroads. We can no longer rely heavily on this increasingly unpredictable source of income to sustain our work. It is only through diversification of our funding sources and effective marketing of our programs and services that we can continue our work into the future.
We will accomplish this by

  • creating and implementing a development strategy that identifies new and diverse sources of funding
  • conducting targeted outreach to enhance the visibility of our work and highlight its accessibility for all people—especially those from historically marginalized communities
  • communicating our values, work and future initiatives in a clear and compelling manner



Working closely with Dr. Lyn Corbett at The Pivotal Group to guide our strategic planning process, we used David La Piana’s Real-Time Strategic Planning Model—recognized as the most in-depth tool for helping nonprofit organizations adapt to a rapidly-changing environment.

Thank you to Consumer Federation of America who helped make this this strategic planning process possible through an organizational development grant.

Our Strategic Plan Overview