Be Informed With Your IoT Device Purchases This Holiday Season

With early Black Friday sales already underway at many retail stores, smart home devices (i.e. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Ring Video Doorbell, etc.) are likely to be popular items throughout the holiday season. If you are considering buying one of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it’s important to choose one that does not compromise privacy and security.


The Mozilla Foundation’s new guide, Privacy Not Included, can help you choose among the most popular connected devices. This interactive guide reviews 70 IoT products including smart home devices, wearables, security cams, entertainment devices and toys (even for your pets). It answers many questions about each device’s privacy and security features including:

  • Can it spy on you by using its camera, microphone and location service?
  • Does it have data encryption?
  • Must you create an account to use it?
  • Does it have privacy controls?
  • Does it have a clear privacy policy?
  • Can you delete your data by contacting the company?

Before you buy one of these devices (for yourself or as a gift) this holiday season, please consider whether privacy is included with your purchase.


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