California Consumer Privacy Act Regulations: Comments to the California Attorney General

Advocacy Comments

Today, we (with a group of privacy and consumer advocacy organizations) submitted comments to the California Attorney General's office weighing in on proposed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations. Overall, we believe the draft regulations bring clarity and practical guidance to the CCPA and represent a step forward for consumer privacy. In addition, we greatly appreciate the Attorney General’s refusal to weaken the CCPA’s definition of personal information despite requests from industry.

To ensure Californians enjoy their hard fought protections, we also urge the Attorney General to

  • ensure ad tech companies comply with the CCPA by clarifying the passage of information for targeted advertisement is covered as a sale
  • allow people to opt out of the sale of their personal information through browser settings (many major web browsers already allow users to announce their preference with Do Not Track settings—settings largely ignored by websites currently)
  • eliminate an overbroad Risk to Security exception that would allow a business to refuse to comply with a person's request to know and control information collected about them
  • limit pay for privacy
  • ensure consumers have meaningful protections from data brokers by refusing to extend special exemptions to these companies

See the entirety of our comments for more information.