Criminal Data Broker Websites: Data Brokers That May Be Primary Source Aggregators of Private Criminal Records Databases

This list is intended to provide names of private firms that appear to assemble, gather and maintain permanent databases of criminal records in the U.S. that are sold directly to the public or to background screening firms. This list is not presented or intended to be a complete list of all such firms. This list is based upon industry research and publicly-available information. If anyone has any additional information that may be relevant to this list, or a firm on this list has any questions, they should contact the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse at:


Where a consumer seeks to correct information that may be on a criminal databases, these are the types of firms that should be contacted. The majority of screening firms do NOT gather, assemble or maintain permanent criminal record database.



Backgroundsonline (IQData)

Connotate (FetchCheck)

Criminal Information Services Inc

DCS Information Systems


GIS (General Information Services)

Innovative Data




National Background Data (NBD)-Core Logic - NC

SJV & Associates LLC

SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC


TLO Online Investigative Systems