Deciding if You Should Use Your Personal Devices for Work

Deciding Whether You Should Use Your Personal Devices for Work

While it can be more convenient and add to your productivity to use your personal devices (computers, phones, etc.) for work, there are some risks to consider.

Make Sure Your Employer Allows It

Some employers don’t allow employees to use their own devices at all or have very strict rules about remote/off-the-clock work.

Read Your Employer’s Policy

Even if your employer allows you to use your own devices, you’ll want to read its policies. If there isn’t one, talk with the appropriate person at your company.

Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting Into

While reading or talking with someone about your company’s policies is the first step, understanding your risks and clarifying anything you don’t understand is also important. These are some of the questions that you might want to get answered.

  1. Am I prohibited from using specific brands, devices or software?
  2. Am I required to install any software on my devices? If so, does it allow remote access to it?
  3. Can the company track my location?
  4. What are my responsibilities?
  5. Do I have to report a lost or stolen device within a certain timeframe?
  6. Who is expected to cover costs for service, repairs and monthly plans?
  7. Am I prohibited from allowing others (friends, children, etc.) to use my device?
  8. What happens if I quit or am laid off/fired?

Weigh the Pros and Cons

No matter what you find out about your employer’s policies, you ultimately have to weigh the convenience of using your own devices against any potential downside. It should be your choice in the end, but remember to ask yourself this question—is it worth it?