A Milestone for Privacy: Governor Newsom Signs SB 362, the California Delete Act, into Law

Like a wall holding off a horde of zombie-like data brokers, SB 362, the Delete Act, will help protect your privacy!

Today marks a historic victory for consumer privacy rights. Governor Newsom signed SB 362, the California Delete Act, into law—creating the strongest data broker law in the U.S. 

The California Delete Act represents a significant shift in the consumer-data broker dynamic. Data brokers have historically operated largely in the shadows, accumulating vast amounts of sensitive personal data on millions of Californians without their informed consent. This unauthorized data collection has real-world implications, including identity theft, targeted abuse, and discrimination. 

Starting in 2026, Californians will have the right to have their personal information deleted from data brokers' databases. There will be a centralized hub for quick and easy data removal that is free and accessible to all Californians. Data brokers must also be more transparent regarding the types of information they collect, how it is used, and how they handle deletion requests.

A Collaborative Triumph 

The path to this milestone has been challenging, and would not be a reality without a broad network of supporting organizations and advocates. We are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this bill with Californians for Consumer Privacy, and are extremely thankful for the organizations and dedicated advocates whose support made this effort a success, including: 

  • Bet Tzedek Legal Services,
  • CalPIRG,
  • California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity,
  • Centro Legal de La Raza, Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto,
  • Consumer Action,
  • Consumer Federation of America,
  • Consumer Reports,
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation,
  • Fairplay: Childhood Beyond Brands,
  • Legal Aid of Marin, Legal Aid of San Bernardino,
  • Legal Assistance for Seniors,
  • Oakland Privacy,
  • Open Door Legal,
  • Planned Parenthood,
  • Public Counsel,
  • Public Law Center,
  • Riverside Legal Aid,
  • Santa Clara University,
  • Alexander Community Law Center, and
  • Watsonville Law Center 

What's Next? 

California continues to lead the nation in consumer privacy protections, but the work both in the state and across the U.S. is far from over. Across the U.S., we hope the California Delete Act will serve as inspiration to enact stronger data privacy laws. In California, the California Privacy Protection Agency has a significant workload ahead, taking on duties from the California Attorney General's office and preparing to implement the core deletion mechanism by 2026. Stay tuned for information on how you can weigh in and make the most of these new rights.