New FCC Broadband Privacy Rules are a Win for Consumers

New FCC Broadband Privacy Rules are a Win for Consumers

This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took an important step to protect the privacy of consumers online.  Individuals have little choice over how they access the internet, and broadband internet service providers (ISPs) have access to an enormous amount of information about their customers.  The FCC adopted broadband privacy rules that recognize this and will allow broadband customers to exercise more control over how their ISPs use and share their data. The rules will also require broadband ISPs to better protect personal information and provide greater transparency to their customers.

While it is a win for online privacy, the rules aren’t perfect. They will require ISPs to get opt-in consent to use and share customers’ “sensitive” information for purposes other than providing service, but customers will need to take steps to opt out when information is considered “non-sensitive.”  PRC speaks with individuals on a daily basis, and we know that everyone has a different opinion about what information is sensitive.  We believe individuals deserve the ability to opt in to sharing and use whenever possible. 

Despite this, PRC applauds the FCC for taking a strong stance on consumer privacy and we look forward to the rules being implemented and enforced. 

To learn more about the FCC’s broadband privacy rules, see the FCC’s press release and fact sheet

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