Pat's Story: Job Lost from Divulged Information

Employment Stories

Pat was required by the court to be electronically monitored for a drug and alcohol related conviction. She was upfront about her situation with her supervisor and the human resources department at her workplace. They assured her she would not lose her job. In fact, she was considered to be a star employee, among the top 10 in sales volume. An employee of the company which monitors electronic monitoring devices gave details about Pat's case to her employer. She was terminated. Although her supervisor insists that the details of her case did not affect the decision to fire her, she is convinced that the indiscretion of the monitoring company's employee resulted in her losing her job. When she confronted the employee and asked why he divulged information about her, he said the case was a matter of public record and that gave him the ability to tell others about her situation.


Pat's name has been changed to protect her privacy.