Samantha's Story: Having Her Child's Photo Posted on the School's Website Without Her Permission

Education Stories

A photo of Samantha's child was posted on the school's website (along with the entire student body)—grouped by grade/teacher with a list of the child's itinerary. After learning of this, Samantha asked the school in writing to remove her child's photo and provide her with a copy of the policy giving them the right to post the photo without her permission.

She was given a list of directory information and was told if she denied access to any part of her child's directory information, she was opting out on the entire list—excluding her child from the chance to participate in certain school activities (i.e. being on the classroom's Valentines list to receive treats and cards with the other children, not being eligible to be student of the week/month, etc.).


Samantha's name has been changed to protect her privacy.