Stopping Robocalls

Stopping Robocalls

Many of the unwanted calls you receive are likely illegal robocalls—unless you've given permission or the call is informational (prescription refill, appointment reminder)—and you can take steps to stop (or at least minimize) them.

Hang Up

Don’t wait on the line to talk to a person, press buttons or call the number back. If you do, you might get even more calls.


You can contact your service provider and ask if they can help you block these types of calls. You can look into apps for your phone that'll do this as well. For specific numbers, you can usually block them in your phone’s settings.


It’s important to report all illegal robocalls to enforcement agencies to help stop them. You can file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and your state Attorney General’s office

With illegal robocalls from legitimate businesses, you might be able to sue for violations and there are many consumer attorneys familiar with the law that can help (find attorney directories through your state or local bar association).