United States Data Breach Notification in the United States 2023 Report

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We are excited to present our updated data breach notification law survey for 2023. This comprehensive resource is an essential guide for privacy-conscious consumers, researchers, policymakers, and students alike. 

The Interactive Dashboard:

Our interactive Tableau dashboard provides a dynamic, in-depth look into data breach notification statutes for all 50 states. With features that allow you to explore specific aspects of data breach laws—such as definitions of personal information, biometric data protection, notification timelines and more—you can gain tailored insights with just a few clicks.




The Downloadable PDF:

For those who prefer a more traditional format or wish to have a portable version of our findings, we offer a downloadable PDF. Click "Download PDF" on the right hand side of this page to download the report, but in a layout optimized for reading and sharing offline.


Who Will Benefit:

Whether you are a consumer looking to better understand your privacy rights, a researcher delving into the intricacies of U.S. legislation, a policy-maker drafting new rules, or a student studying information governance, our 2023 Data Breach Notification Law Surveys are an invaluable resource for understanding the present and future of data protection laws in the U.S.