View and Share our New Video on Jobseeker Rights

We are excited to announce that our video highlighting jobseeker rights and background checks is ready to view and share!  Click here to watch it on YouTube.


Taylor Thomas is left searching for employment after he is terminated from his job due to the bad economy.  Despite being highly qualified for the positions he interviews for, Taylor has one rejection after another. Two of the companies even seem ready to hire him. But, it is as if something happens to change their mind between the interview and the hiring decision.  Taylor has almost exhausted his list of potential employers and has landed an interview at what may be his best chance for a job.


Watch the video to find out what’s keeping Taylor from getting hired. Learn your rights about employment background checks, and spread the word! Although Taylor is a fictional character, the situation dramatized on the six-minute video is similar to many complaints we have received from individuals who have contacted our hotline with questions and complaints about background check errors.

    Funding for this project was provided by a court approved Cy Pres Award from the iPod Nano Class Action Settlement.