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Results for:

  • EDU
  • 2018
CompanyBreachOrg TypeDate Breach Made Public
San Diego Unified School DistrictHACKEducational Institutions
CheggHACKEducational Institutions
American institute of aeronautics and astronauticsUNKNEducational Institutions
Trinity college of nursing and health sciencesUNKNEducational Institutions
Purdue universityUNKNEducational Institutions
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterDISCEducational Institutions
Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, Texas State UniversityDISCEducational Institutions
University of Michigan/Michigan MedicinePHYSEducational Institutions
University at BuffaloHACKEducational Institutions
University of Utah HealthPHYSEducational Institutions
The Trustees of Purdue UniversityHACKEducational Institutions
Make-up DesignoryDISCEducational Institutions
California College of ArtsPHYSEducational Institutions
University of Virginia Medical CenterHACKEducational Institutions
Central Islip Union Free School DistrictDISCEducational Institutions
Thomas Edison State UniversityHACKEducational Institutions