Archived Consumer Guides

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Employment Background Checks: A Jobseeker's Guide

Employment Background Checks in California: A Focus on Accuracy

Volunteer Background Checks: Giving Back Without Giving Up on Privacy

Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) . . . at Your Own Risk



Privacy in Education: Guide for Parents and Adult-Age Students


Health and Medical

Introduction to Health and Medical Information Privacy

Health Privacy: HIPAA Basics

The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Patients’ Rights

The HIPAA Privacy Rule: How May Covered Entities Use and Disclose Health Information

Protecting Health Information: the HIPAA Security and Breach Notification Rules

Health Privacy outside the Healthcare Environment: Health Records on the Job, Available to the Government, and in Credit Reports


Health and Medical (California)

Privacy Protections for Medical Information in Government, Research, and Public Health Records (California Medical Privacy Series)

The Gray Areas: Is Your Health Privacy Protected? (California Medical Privacy Series)

Prescriptions and Your Privacy (California Medical Privacy Series)

Personal Health Records and Your Privacy (California Medical Privacy Series)

Privacy Protections for Medical Information in Financial, Insurance, and Education Records (California Medical Privacy Series)

Employment and Your Medical Privacy (California Medical Privacy Series)

Health Information Exchange and Your Privacy (California Medical Privacy Series)

Health and Medical Privacy Laws (California Medical Privacy Series)

How Is Your Medical Information Used and Disclosed? (California Medical Privacy Series)

Your Medical Information and Your Rights (California Medical Privacy Series)



Online Shopping Tips

Privacy When Shopping


Telemarketing: How to Have a Quiet Evening at Home

How to Put an End to Unwanted or Harassing Phone Calls

Hang Up on Harassment: Dealing with Cellular Phone Abuse



Online Privacy: Using the Internet Safely

Social Networking Privacy: How to be Safe, Secure and Social

Mobile Health and Fitness Apps: What Are the Privacy Risks?

Online Harassment & Cyberstalking

Smartphone Privacy

Anti-Spam Resources

Securing Your Computer to Maintain Your Privacy


Credit Reporting and Consumer Reports

Credit Reporting Basics: How Private is My Credit Report?

Your Credit Score: How It All Adds Up

CLUE and You: How Insurers Size You Up

"Other" Consumer Reports: What You Should Know about "Specialty" Reports



Financial Privacy

Is Your Financial Information Safe?

Privacy When You Pay: Credit, Debit, Cash and More

Debt Collection and Your Rights

At Home

The Renter's Guide to Tenant Privacy Rights

Personal Record Retention and Destruction Plan

Opt-Out Resources for Unwanted Junk Mail

California's "Shine the Light" Marketing and Junk Mail Law


Identity Theft and Government Records

Government Records and Your Privacy

My Social Security Number - How Secure Is It?

What to Do When You Receive a Data Breach Notice

Identity Theft: What to Do if It Happens to You

Identity Theft Monitoring Services